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Become an XL Value Member

Recoup lost reveune and save thousands in shipping costs.

Join XL Value for only $125/month.

Each day, aircraft fly empty across the United States. These empty legs add up to thousands in lost revenue for carriers, while shippers pay full price for conventional air transport.

However, AirXL is bridging the gap. Through our exclusive database, we’re bringing carriers and shippers together to post and bid on empty leg flights for cargo transport.

AirXL helps carriers fill flights and recover lost revenue.

XL Value Carrier Members have access to our online platform to post details of current and upcoming empty leg flights. These flights are then submitted for shippers to bid and book online.

An XL Value Membership means big savings for shippers.

Why pay full price for conventional air freight when planes are flying empty? Our database of empty leg backhauls allows you to search current and future flights and bid on the cargo space you need. 


Can anyone view empty leg flights?

Only carriers and shippers with an active XL Value Membership can view empty leg flights.

Can anyone become an XL Value Member?

Carriers must hold a valide air carrier certificate, a current DO 85, and maintian a certificate of insurance—AirXL must be named as an additional insured. 

Shippers must disclose the nature of their industry, show proper insurance documentation, as well as hold a current business license.

How is the monthly fee collected?

Memberships are renewed automatically each month via the credit card used during signup.

Are empty legs posted for all countries?

XL Value Carrier Memberships are currently assigned to U.S. operators only whose empty leg flight plans contain both origins and destinations within the United States.

How do you bid on an empty leg flight?

XL Value Shippers can bid on empty leg flights by clicking “More Details” on the Empty Leg Backhauls page. Shippers will need to complete the form and either agree to pay the set price for the empty leg, or enter their highest bid for empty legs open for bidding. If payment is accepted by the carrier, the shipper will be notified by AirXL.

I’m a carrier and would like to request access to XL Value.

I’m a shipper and would like to request access to XL Value.